Are You Overlooking Untapped Markets?

July 27, 2017

Every business can benefit from a fresh, outside perspective. TABeil, LLC offers that “outside in look” with the Growth Accelerator Plan (GAP). Below is a case study of CompanyVoice and the niche markets they uncovered through the Growth Accelerator Plan. “We are very confident that we are strongly positioned now to grow more than ever” said Claudia Timbo, CEO & President.


CompanyVoice is a full-service inbound and outbound contact center located in suburban Philadelphia that prides itself on providing superior customer service and sales. While the company is listed in the top third of the fastest-growing companies in the Philadelphia region, CEO and President Claudia Timbo wanted to identify new markets for continued growth.

“We have a strong pipeline, but each member of our executive team was executing that plan in an individual silo,” said Timbo. “What we needed was a defined marketing plan and strategy to help us execute as a unified team.”


Timbo sought the help of TABeil, a consulting company that offers strategic marketing leadership and a systematic approach to enhance business growth. Company President Tammy Beil conducted two half-day consulting strategy sessions with the executive team at CompanyVoice. Leaders from all the company’s major departments were represented, including Operations, HR, Compliance, Customer Care, IT, Marketing and Finance. Tammy reviewed the company’s existing plan and provided an objective viewpoint and facilitated discussion on a set tailored agenda. The sessions led the team through various thought-provoking exercises including the formation of an ideal client profile, opportunity matrix and audience identification model, which were three areas that yielded key results.


Tammy applied her proven Growth Acceleration Plan (GAP), an all-encompassing, logical process that results in a tangible, actionable marketing plan that CompanyVoice can execute on during a three-year time frame.

Specific results included:

  • The Ideal client profile revealed new, relevant and untapped niche markets
  • The Opportunity matrix provided insights and plotted the market landscape in a SWOT analysis breakdown focused on purchase drivers
  • The Audience identification model determined high-level, elite centers of influence to consider as networking tools for new sources of business.

“Tammy was instrumental in bringing our senior managers together to collaborate on new ways to grow our business,” said Timbo. “We now have a formal, tactical marketing strategy segmented by quarter and by priority that we can use to move forward in 2017 and beyond, and we are very confident that we are strongly positioned now to grow more than ever and exceed our forecasted projections.”

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