Letting Data Reshape your Marketing Plan

October 17, 2017

Traditionally, a marketing plan, is made up of a variety of tactics designed to reach a target audience. But, what would happen if you let the tactics themselves create the marketing plan? You’d let the tail wag the dog, so to speak. That couldn’t possibly work, could it?

Yes, it could. And here’s how.

Nowadays, every organization, big or small, has access to the same tactics and channels. The only difference between an effective marketing plan and an ineffective one is the quality of your data.

Most tactics and channels give you access to audience data and modeling capabilities that were once only available to a select few organizations. Within the SEO, PPC and social media platforms, among others, access to quality data and sophisticated modeling tools is just a click away. For example, keywords for search and lookalike audiences for social can provide tremendous insight into customer segments you may have never known to exist.

Data from certain tactics can provide crucial learnings that allow you to optimize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. You can be alerted if consumer preferences change or new target audiences emerge. It can also give you a better sense of what your competition is doing. In short, the learnings from this data are endless.

Ultimately, your success is tied to how much you know about your target audience. Leveraging this data helps ensure your message is reaching the right audience at the right time on their preferred medium, thereby giving your strategy the optimal chance to succeed.